A Think-Outside-The-Box Tool For These Challenging Times

We live in challenging times. The Corona virus is creating a new world. Yuval Noah Harari puts it like this in his Financial Times article: “The storm will pass but the choices we make now could change our lives for years.” This is a time of forced reflection, introspection, digital transformation and service innovation. We have created a tool to help businesses think outside the box and find new, fresh ideas with the help of students. The Corona crisis made us speed up our timeline because this service is now more relevant than ever.

A lot of businesses see their workload drop and this creates time for reflection. The changing situation in which most interactions are now digital forces businesses to do some introspections and see how their services translate to the online world. Some businesses are already largely digital but every business is now faced with one of the main questions of our time: how can we leverage the possibilities of digital for our business? How do the services we provide translate to the digital world. Businesses that are not yet focussing on these questions are now also forced to. Nightclubs that are typically offline gatherings of people are now live streaming DJ sets for people at home to enjoy. Restaurants that were not delivering food through online apps now see this as their only option to keep their staff.

“The storm will pass but the choices we make now could change our lives for years.” — Yuval Noah Harari

The need to innovate and to reflect is spread all over social media today. My LinkedIn timeline and Instagram feed is filled with advice on leadership, innovation and refocus. But what is missing from all this advice is the how. How can you come up with new concepts? Where do you get fresh input? How can you connect to people with good ideas? A lot of ideas can come from inside the businesses but these times require outside-the-box thinking. Not all companies have to do this alone. In these times of social distancing, we can use online tools to connect. Most businesses are already Zooming, Skyping, Teaming, Hangouting, Facetiming to connect employees and clients. But what is needed now more than ever is a tool that lets businesses connect to outside ideas.

  • How we recreate our services to flourish in an increasingly digital world?
  • What new business models are there for our business that will make us more resilient for disruption?
  • Think of a challenge you are facing right now that could use the thinking power of young, creative, smart minds.
  • Send us your challenge, we’ll help you with a formulation that will engage our students.
  • Set a deadline and reward and we’ll post the challenge on our platform.
  • From the input of students, you select one or more winners. The rest of the input can also be valuable to you or to others, so we’ll post the answers to the challenges so businesses with similar challenges can get inspired for their solutions. This way we all help each other.

Strategic UX Design Consultant @ Zuiderlicht / Design Leadership Forum Member @InVision / Design Thinker / State Secretary of Integration @ Ministry of Design