Hey Juan, glad you liked it. And thanks for your feedback. Good points. McKinsey is also offering design services, so saying that design is valuable is suspicious also coming from them :) Measurement is a tricky subject. It’s all about what you measure and how. I understand the need to measure in business. Design can and should take the route to become rooted in metrics but there is also another side that has a deeper impact. Adding design has at least an impact on two levels. Adding design can make your product or service better which should lead to higher profits. This investment is measurable in similar ways as marketing investments. But adding design to the business also creates a mind-shift, a new way of thinking and working. It can contribute to the agility and the ability to deal with complexity. If done well, design enhances project performance, helps to manage risks and create value. Treating design like an asset you can invest in that leads to more sales or higher profit margins is just one side of the story to me.

Strategic UX Design Consultant @ Zuiderlicht / Design Leadership Forum Member @InVision / Design Thinker / State Secretary of Integration @ Ministry of Design

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