Sure. The problem then is maybe more with digital design presenting itself as Service Design because that sounds cooler, wants to ride the Service Design hype or can be sold at a higher rate? I myself come from a digital design background into Service Design and see that move as a more holistic approach. Most project even start as digital design questions that I broaden with a Service Design approach. Then the digital touch points become part of a larger whole, the service. We have in-house development capacity at our agency, but the digital applications of the service are often to big and complex for us so we work with 3rd parties. Coming from digital design into service design, I think it would be good to learn from each other. I get the business and technology mindset, but on the other hand, in depth knowledge of an industry and technology can also help the quality of the service.

Strategic UX Design Consultant @ Zuiderlicht / Design Leadership Forum Member @InVision / Design Thinker / State Secretary of Integration @ Ministry of Design

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